How To Fight Loneliness (Just Smile All The Time) (2006 – 09). Installation view from ‘I Think I Was Blind Before I Met You’, High St Project Gallery, Christchurch, Feb 2009. Silver gelatin photograms from original embroideries, cut fabric and crochet. Each image approx. 30 x 30cm, each frame approx 0.85m x 0.5m.

The title for the series and the works within it taken from the Wilco song ‘How To Fight Loneliness’, from the 1999 album ‘Summerteeth’.

     Shine Your Teeth ’Til MeaninglessShine Your Teeth ’Til Meaningless (Weenink Rd, 1977 - 1994) Sharpen Them With LiesSharpen Them With Lies (Bartlett St, 1996 - 1997) Just Laugh at Every JokeJust Laugh at Every Joke (Bartlett St, 1996 - 1997) Drag Your Blanket BlindlyDrag Your Blanket Blindly (Cambridge Gardens, 2001 - 2002) Fill Your Heart With SmokeFill Your Heart With Smoke (Govind Grove, 2004 - present)